Hello bastards

Time for our monthly update, while we are still learning to fight together as a team the outfit continues to grow with now over 100 members IB and with an activity rating of about 92% IB is going strong.

While out causal play has been dominate of late we are launching a series of training night aimed at increasing the overall skill level of the average IB member as well as encouraging greater teamwork.

In the coming weeks you will start to see more consistent and planned OPS nights so that we can cater to both casual and serious players. will this start a new chaper in the IB been a dominating outfit on Briggs who knows but there  is only one way to find out jump onto PS2 and come along for the ride

Cya on the battlefield


Basterds Arma


Its been almost a month since the Basterds ARMA group geared up and rolled out, and its been nothing but solid growth since.

Two weekly two-to-three hour sessions on Thursdays and Sundays, near a dozen players and good times all around.

There’s never been a better time to get involved.

Jumping on is easy. All you need is a copy of ARMA 3, a working Teamspeak and a small selection of mods we run with and you’re set.

As mentioned, we run a twice weekly session at the following times


6:30pm Brisbane
7:30pm Sydney
9:30pm NZ

You dont need to bring anything but yourself and your sunny disposition. Our skill levels range from seasoned vets to first timers and we cater as best we can to those and everything inbetween.

So if you’re looking for a change of pace from the run-n-gun with a bunch of like-minded boys and girls in sessions catered towards, and run by, basterds then look no further then the Basterd Arma group.

How to get started

AAR’s from the past month.

It seems like just weeks ago that Wenz summoned up the courage to sidle up to ThunderbladeC87 to ask him for that first squad invite. Love moves faster than lead on the battlefield – yesterday, Briggs Ranger Company and Inglourious Basterds exchanged vows, got a joint bank account, and applied for a loan to get that quiet place just north of Howling Pass.

Although we’re retaining the Inglourious Basterds name and the IB tags (because they just look so damn good), make no mistake – this is a partnership, with equality between the outfits. With that in mind, we’ve undergone a change in management – the highest leadership circle is now TheSneak3, ThunderbladeC87, UltraKillex, Warwalker360, and Wenz.

To any of the incoming from Briggs Ranger Company – mi casa su casa. Make yourselves at home in the Mumble server and forums, get to know us, and let’s turn Indar blue.

Massive props to UltraKillex for ghostwriting a sizable chunk of this post.

It is long overdue, and I am glad to announce that I am stepping down from leadership due to real life commitments. I think everyone realises that the organisation needs to change to suit a new broader purpose and I am really happy to see the fantastic leadership group that has sprung up in my absence. Big thank you to TheSneak, BUnit, Warwalker, Greyfrog, Genesis and Grimleyblack for your efforts here as well as many others.

Soon the website will be getting updated to change the focus from more than just planetside, remove old content and improve the layout. In addition the forum will become unrestricted and membership will be encouraged in public via the forums rather than the current application page.

It is my sincere hope that IB will continue to grow and bring friends together through the shared pursuit of pissing excellence.

I will of course continue lurking around on mumble and can be reached for technical matters by limeCodeMonkey, Mindlessness, LuckyLegs and more. Also by my @basterds email address if you are smart enough to work that out ;)

See you at the next meetup.

Bitterchill out for good.


Big thanks for Psynapse for his dedication to the outfit over the last 4 months but the time has come for someone else to step into this key role and head up our training and infantry SOP.

I’m very pleased to announce that TheSneak will be taking on this role, having proven himself to be a very capable trainer and platoon leader I am very confident he will deliver a great result here.

Also I am happy to have BUnit as his 2IC who will be key in helping Sneak keep up with the big demands on his time.


Congratulations to both!


-Bitterchill out

Unfortunately our Air Captain has had to resign his post due to real life issues and will no longer be playing PS2 for the immediate future. Big thanks to RobertMuldoon for all his effort in organising the Air Wing over the last few months.

Luckily, we have an excellent candidate to take over this responsibility – Uproar will now fill this role and I am very much looking forward to what he can (and has already) brought to the table. Look for an updated SOP, recruitment/showcase video and more active operational leadership. Congratulations Uproar!

In addition I would like to (finally) announce the appointment of an Armour Captain – Mindlessness who has been working on an armoured SOP for a very long time. With the recent slight shift in meta game away from air dominance due to flak changes, improved armoured capability has now become a big priority for us. I am looking forward to seeing the final version of the armour SOP and for dedicated armour training nights to commence ASAP. Big congratulations to Mindlessness!


-Bitterchill out


Congratulations to the following new Lieutenants!






These guys have been putting in lots of hard work consistently leading squads and I’m really grateful to have them around


-Bitterchill out

Guys don’t forget that today is 3x SC day. Everyone seems to buying up like mad to get all the good unlocks and lots of cosmetic crap to boot!

Don’t forget.. so is the enemy. There will be plenty more asset and heavy weapon spam incoming unfortunately..

This week we hit another milestone: 200 members in the outfit list and a buzz of activity every night in mumble. Tonight RobertMuldoon is running an event and top performance and adherence to the SOP is expected from every single Basterd!

If you want to be part of the number one Australian Planetside 2 Outfit then head on over to our recruitment page, check out our requirements and follow the instructions.


-Bitterchill out

Due to our rapidly increasing size (150 members!) we have appointed some new captains.

Congratulations to Psynapse (Infantry) and RobertMuldoon (Air) for their promotions. Armour captain is TBD.

We will be looking to these captains to formalise the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for their units and to drive training initiatives so that everyone understands the SOP and can implement it consistently.

In addition we have some new Lieutenants that will assist with leadership on the ground:

  • Bioweapon
  • Reddawn2013
  • ChuckIes
  • Mindlessness
  • SubmachineFun

If you want to part of the number one Australian Planetside 2 Outfit for New Conglomerate on Briggs then head on over to our About Us page and if you agree with our approach check the membership requirements on the Recruitment page and follow the directions to apply.


-Bitterchill out

Blue Behemoth

Last night we had our greatest success – we had almost a full platoon on mumble and were able to push the TR right up to their warp gate and hold their tech plant until we went to bed. Each squad had an effective leader and we were able to attack multiple smaller outposts simultaneously. Big thanks to Psynapse, TheSneak and Reddawn for stepping up and getting your troops into line. It was much appreciated.

We also made good use of a dedicated anti-air squad in the form of no less than 6 MAX bursters supported by an engineer for ammo and repair. The Terran air force was vaporised every time they tried to strafe our positions no matter how many Liberators and Mosquitoes they threw at us. Even a full on armour assault was defeated by frantic use of heavy assaults across the entire platoon and flanking to ambush armour from the rear. I’m sure there was a Terran commander on the other side tearing his hair out about how much of his force was tied up on one outpost.

We hit a significant milestone today of 100 Australian members. I never thought this outfit would get that large – but I still want to keep pushing it up as the bigger we get the more effective we are. I don’t see why we can’t use more than one platoon when we are making use of mumble for inter-squad communications as there is no upper limit on the number of rooms we can create. The outfit membership limit is 300 – I wonder how long until we find that to be a problem?

After researching this again today I still am positive that we are the largest and most organised New Conglomerate outfit on Briggs. We are reaching out to other outfits to improve faction-wide coordination and getting some positive feed back. If you run an outfit and want to link up with the Basterds then shoot me an email (bitterchill at basterds.net)

And of course if you are fresh meat or a seasoned veteran looking for a serious combat outfit to roll with then head on over to our Recruitment page to check the requirements and sign up with the number one Australian Planetside 2 outfit.


-Bitterchill out